Hermanus Weather Forecast



Whale season in Hermanus unfortunately takes place during the winter months so there are a few things you should know keep in mind. Due to bad weather it is not always able to go out to sea. Heavy rainfall will cause the whale watching trip to get cancelled, as will strong winds and large swell. If the wind is above 30 km/h, it is only possible to go out if the wind direction is Easterly ( in the weather forecast graph below). Hermanus is very protected from Easterly winds. If the swell is above 3 Meters, your whale watching trip would become very unpleasant and sea sickness would be a problem, so once again the trip would be cancelled.

Please however keep in mind that the weather forecast, and even the current weather displayed below can often be wrong, so please consult with us before cancelling your trip. You will be contacted if it has been decided to cancel a trip due to bad weather or sea conditions.